Whaff or whaff Rewards is an application moneymaker & Gift Card is the best moment. Whaff are already many users are now getting money and gift cards / giftcard by utilizing the Android handheld owned. Currently the latest version already supports Indonesian whaff, making it easier for you who are not too proficient in English.

Then why whaff want to pay us? Rewards App whaff an application that provides a wide range of applications and Free Games. By downloading or running applications from whaff you will be rewarded in the form of the balance of which will be taken in the form of Cash or vouchers redeemable in the form of shopping at merchants prominent merchant, such as:
  • Steam
  • Play Store
  • iTunes (Apple)
  • Xbox Store
  • Play Station Store
  • Amazon
So in addition you get Game / Application Guide and withdraw from whaff, you can also get money or a gift card. Very beneficial not? So what is needed to be able to run whaff?

1. Handheld Android (bisa Smartphone / Tablet)
2. Akun Facebook (untuk Login)
3. Koneksi Internet
4. Akun Paypal & Rekening Bank BCA, BRI, Mandiri, BNI, dll (whaff to receive payment in cash Cash.)

And when you gaming addicts phenomenal game Android / iOS like Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Line Lets Get Rich, etc., you can also use the balance whaff to buy Gems / Diamonds / Coins in the game the game.

HOW CAN BONUS LIST whaff and 0.30 USD

Some time ago already discussed how to register and use whaff, but on previous manual uses Screenshot whaff old version, so for new whaff users may be a little difficult. And here is how List whaff New version published by us.

1. Visit the Play Store via your Android or CLICK HERE to download the latest version whaff.
How to List whaff & Running whaff New Version

2. Perform the registration by clicking the Log In / Sign in using your Facebook account.
How to List whaff & Running whaff New Version

3. Next will come the Bonus box. As a bonus first enter the bonus code CP30817 to 0.30 dollars.

Important: The bonus box will only appear once after a successful Login with facebook. Enter the code correctly so that the first bonus worth 0.30 dollar was scorched.
How to List whaff & Running whaff New Version

How to Run Reward whaff

There are several ways to get money from whaff through whaff Picks, Premium Picks and Attandance.

PREMIUM PICKS: In premium picks you can find applications and games that provide multiple commissions, not just downloaded paid, you also get paid to run the application for one minute a day, do not remove the application from Android also will be paid per day up to a certain time period.

Whaff picks: Contains a collection of applications and games that will provide the commission with different nominal dollars.

ATTENDANCE: Get paid 0.01 dollars per day just by opening the application whaff at least 1 times a day, a commission of Attendance / Attendance is valid forever when you're still using whaff.

OTHER: There are still a few ways to make money from whaff like menu at SupersonicAds, Metaps, Friend Invite, and Radium One, Whafflist (Luckypicks)

Payments take whaff

If the balance in the account whaff you reach at least 10.5 dollars, then you can pick it up in the form of cash or in the form of vouchers Gift Cards (Gift Card). Way of making money in whaff are as follows:
How to List whaff & Running whaff New Version

1. Buka Whaff, lalu pilih menu Pembayaran (Payment).
2. Pilih Paypal.
3. Kemudian pilih nominal yang dikendaki sesuai dengan saldo Whaff kamu, selanjutnya masukkan Email Paypal, dan klik Permintaan.
4. Uang akan terkirim dalam waktu 2 sampai 4 hari kerja.


There may be some potential users who found whaff liar, cheater whiff, whiff Scam, or whaff not pay. In fact, as of this writing whaff keep paying without any delay in payment. To be more convincing that whaff really pay, please see the proof of payment whaff. If you are still unsure, please find other proof of payment whaff Internet :)

That's how the list whaff & Running whaff new version. Whaff is the easiest reward application is run, do not need special skills to run whaff simply download and run the applications suggested whaff, the point you have to try applications and gaming applications suggested whaff then you will be paid by whaff. Very easy is not it? While playing the game could be money.